What is the Purpose and main Objectives of Wellingore Parish Council?

Wellingore Parish Council represents what is known as the third tier of local government.

Tier 1 - Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for services to approximately 755 000 residents across the whole county        Including education, highways, social care, fire and rescue, libraries, trading standards and waste management

Tier 2: North Kesteven District Council - one of seven Lincolnshire local authorities delivering services to approximately 115 000 residents, including refuse collection and recycling, planning and building control, housing and environmental health, council tax and business rates, leisure and recreation facilities

Tier 3: Wellingore Parish Council making decisions on all kinds of issues that affect the local community. The most common topics the council gets involved with are maintenance of the playing field and play equipment, grass cutting and hedge trimming, planning applications (as we are statutory consultees), planning enforcement, highways (maintenance and speed calming), dog fouling and litter collection.

It is fair to say that in many cases the Parish Council has limited powers to make decisions on matters relating to services provided by other organisations.       However, with the support of our district and county councillors we are able, where necessary, to negotiate with and in certain cases influence those other organisations that do make final decisions such as other tiers of local government, health authorities, police ect. Unlike Tier 1 and 2 organisations that have budgets of many millions of pounds, the council works with budgets of a few thousand pounds. Consequently, there is only a limited range of services and improvements that can be implemented each year. However, the Parish Council often seeks to obtain external funding which enables it, from time to time, to be a little more ambitious with its projects.

So within the context of services provided by the other tiers of local government, our limited finances and powers, the Parish Council has developed a Purpose Statement and a set of key objectives that it considers to be realistic.

Purpose Statement

To work collaboratively with all partners and local groups in order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for people to live, work, visit and enjoy.

Key Objectives

To engage, wherever possible, with residents to understand their needs and aspirations

To be open and transparent in all communications, making the best use of all available forms of communications

To provide a high standard of cost effective services within the resources and powers available

To seek external funding wherever possible to extend and support the scope of activities in the interest of the community and/or community assets

To encourage the preservation, promotion and conservation of both the natural and built environments.

       To encourage and promote play, leisure, sport and social activities within the village for the betterment of the local